The ‘New and Emerging Researcher’ Prize was first initiated in 2014. This prize is awarded annually for best oral presentation highlighting outstanding research by a post-doctoral fellow, research fellow, assistant research fellow, or early career academic staff member.


How to Apply:

At the time of abstract submission, you will need to indicate on the registration form whether you want your abstract to be considered for the New and Emerging Researcher prize. Please send an updated CV to the PSNZ secretary.


Eligibility for competing for the PSNZ ‘Emerging Researcher’ prize is in accordance with the PBRF classification of a ‘New and Emerging’ researcher which stipulates:

1) Candidates were first appointed to a PBRF-eligible or equivalent position (whether in New Zealand or overseas) within the six years preceding the closing date of applying for the PSNZ Early Career prize, OR

2) A candidates conditions of employment changed, within the preceding six years, that now includes research or teaching where it was not a previous condition of employment (i.e. for the first time in their career).

3) A PBRF-eligible position (e.g. a lecturer or a postdoctoral fellow), does not include short-term positions (<12 months) e.g. a research assistant or tutor, but can include a period of 12 months at 0.2 FTE or greater as a postdoctoral fellow at an overseas university.

4) Supervisors (where applicable) also must be a member of the PSNZ in good standing for 12 months prior to the call for applications, with the ability to pay membership in arrears (i.e. pay membership fee for the previous 12 months).

5) Candidates must be members of the PSNZ at the time of presentation.


After Application:

Applications will be assessed by a Committee appointed by PSNZ Council.

  • A short-list of 2-3 applicants will be compiled.
  • All applicants will be notified of the results of the preliminary screening at least one month before the Society’s Annual Meeting.
  • Short-listed applicants will be expected to present a 20-minute talk, followed by 10 minutes for questions, at the Society’s Annual Meeting.
  • The quality of the presentation and the ability to answers questions will be judged by the above Committee and will contribute to the selection of the winner.
  • The Winner(s) will be announced at the Society’s Dinner.
  • The Prize is a Certificate and a cheque for $500.
  • No award shall be made if none of the work merits such recognition.

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